This Program assists Homeowners under 80% of State Median Income with
Moderate Rehabilitation of their homes.

Some of the items the HOME Program addresses are as follows.

  • Repair/Replace Heating System and heating distribution
  • Upgrade electrical system
  • Window/Door replacement
  • Roof repairs
  • Porch structures, railings, repair walls, ramps for accessibility
  • Concrete repairs
  • Bathrooms and Plumbing
  • Kitchen and Energy saver appliances
  • Other necessary repairs

" My kitchen was literally falling apart, thank God for Bronx
Shepherds and the HOME Program, I have a new kitchen where
I can make meals" - Happy Client

"My God, what a difference this Program made.  My roof was
leaking water everywhere when it rains and I could not afford
the costly repairs with my Social Security Income.  Bronx
Shepherds came in and assisted from beginning to end.  I
cannot thank them enough and the people involved in providing
the money for the repairs from DHCR" - Senior Homeowner
Shepherds LPA
New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation
"This is not a home
improvement Program"

Funding is
Moderate HOME Rehab Program
$20,000.00 available per home based upon an

Bronx Shepherds
Restoration Corporation