A little over two decades ago, the Bronx Shepherds were organized by pastors, ministers and lay persons that chose to remain in the South Bronx after major institutions abandoned the area.  This group felt that the rebuilding of the South Bronx would be their task. Together they discussed approaches, goals, and objectives and finally agreed that the organization`s mission would be the physical, social and economic rehabilitation of the community, while also providing spiritual substance and leadership.

Since its incorporation in 1980, the Bronx Shepherds Restoration (BSR) has been a leading force bringing much needed services to the residents of the Bronx. Our membership today consists of approximately 40 member churches, 99% of which consist of minority congregations. The aggregate constituency consists of an excess of 10,000 members.

The service area of the Bronx Shepherds includes the entire Bronx. One area of which is located in the 16th Congressional District, which is one of the poorest in the country.

Consequently, Bronx Shepherds Restoration (BSR) has established an impressive record that shows what positive results can occur when government, various agencies and the local communities join together to work towards a common goal to bring much needed services to the residents of the Bronx.

The source of funding for administrative and operative functions come from the Department of Housing and Community Renewal, New York State Weatherization, and the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development. Additionally, the Shepherds earn developer fees through the participation in Housing Preservation and Development Tax Credit Rehabilitation Programs as well as the Department of Housing and Community Renewals Housing Trust Fund and HOME programs.

A major thrust of the organization has been the upgrading of existing housing either through gut or moderate rehabilitation.  For over a decade, BSR has owned and managed a 64 unit multi-family property. From that achievement, we have been able to expand owner/management to 21 other properties totaling 500 units.

Bronx Shepherds
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